Trekking Chile


A country which is a treasure cove of trekking ranging from the drier and high altitude altilano to the Valdivian forests and mountains of Patagonia. Diversity in the type of trails and trekking opportunities is sky-high and includes day walks for beginners to the very complicated and difficult long distance treks for experienced trekkers. As always, it's prudent to notify authorities when heading off for trekking, especially into remote areas, and obviously having the necessary emergency and evacuation insurance cover. Chile is good in the sense that it's emergency services are better equipped than some other South American countries and the resonse teams are well-trained. Equally so the guides which I can strongly recommend for all levels of trekking.

Arica and Parinacota Region

A region that stretches from the Atlantic coast at Arica in the Aticama Desert to the high altitude areas and communities in the altiplano, arid high altitude zones. Parinacota for example, located in the Parque Nacional de Lauca, is at 4,420m and Putre which one encounters on the road from Arica to the Bolivian border, is at 3,500m. Jaw-dropping beauty and contrasts albeit harsh environments with extreme conditions - heat in the summer and night time temperatures in winter dropping to as low as -25 degrees Celsius in winter.
Volcanoes of Parinacota, Chile

Los Lagos Region

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Volcan Osorno, Los Lagos, Chile

Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region

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Caleta Maria, Tierra del Fuego, Chile


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