Quick Guide eBook Series

The Quick Guide series has been started as quick reference guides on a variety of themes aimed at the traveller/tourist to enhance their travel experiences.

  • All written and compiled by Marcell Claassen from his personal experiences and in collaboration with and reference to, other experts on the relevant subjects.
  • These can all be downloaded from the blog over here. Your comments on any of the guides, or requests on other guides you'd like to see, are more than welcome.

Elegiendo lugar para acampar - eBook Guia Rapida
#1 Elegiendo lugar para acampar    Referencia Rápida sobre como eliges un buen lugar para acampar agreste.

Saber cómo elegir un lugar para armar tu carpa solo mejorará su experiencia de campamento. Así que aquí estoy compartiendo mi experiencia de acampada y al aire libre que he ganado con los años.
Teniendo en cuenta diversos elementos del terreno y las condiciones climáticas relevantes, se asegurará de que pueda elegir un buen lugar para acampar.

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Choosing a camp site - ebook quick guide
#2 Choosing a camp site   Quick reference to selecting a spot to camp in wilderness and remote areas.

Knowing how to choose a place to pitch your tent will just enhance your camping experience. So here I’m sharing from my camping and outdoor experience that I’ve gained over the years. 
Taking into account various elements of the environment and relevant weather conditions will ensure you can choose a good camping spot.

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ebook: guide to high altitude trekking
#3 High Altitude Trekking   Quick reference to acclimatisation, risks of altitude sickness and a guideline to required clothing and gear.

High altitude trekking/hiking is growing in popularity as people search out the mountains and the adventure they offer. For many it will be the first time that they will be ascending to altitudes over 2,500m above sea level.  This comes with inherent health risks of being at high altitudes, increasing the more we ascend.

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ebook: responsible wildlife experiences
#4 Responsible Wildlife Experiences   Quick reference to responsible wildlife excursions and safaris 

Safaris are what come to mind first for most people when you mention travel to Africa. As a tour leader & guide, I revisit some safari destinations in Uganda and looks how we can limit any potential negative impact in nature’s gardens.

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