Extreme Trekking - Peninsula Mitre

(Initial press release of expedition completed)

6 March 2019

Media Contact:  Marcell Claassen 

Website:             https://www.expedevacexpeditions.com
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First South African Treks Inhospitable Extreme South-Eastern tip of Argentina
460km trek on foot from the world's southernmost city, Ushuaia 

USHUAIA, ARGENTINA. 3 MARCH 2019 - Marcell Claassen, 51 year old South African, arrived today after completing a 460km trek on foot from Ushuaia along the southern, eastern and north-western coast of Tierra del Fuego of which at least 300km is part of Peninsula Mitre, one of the most isolated and inhospitable areas of Argentina. 

With a backpack weighing on average 35kg, Marcell was carrying supplies or at least 10-15 days at any given stage due to the remoteness and isolation of Peninsula Mitre. 
At irregular intervals he encountered gauchos (cowboys) or a puestero (caretaker for landowner) who invited him to spend a night or two at their hut where they would enjoy an asado (traditional Argentinian barbeque). They also provided Marcell some supplies for the next few days. 
At Buen Suceso Bay in the southeast coast, a small Argentinian Naval detachment provided shelter for a 3-day storm and further support in the form of supplies for another 10 days. 

Peninsula Mitre is rich in history and culture with archaeological finds dating back several thousand years. The rugged and treacherous coastline has been responsible for very many shipwrecks over at least 3 centuries. 

It's part of this coastline and its harsh weather, imposing sheer cliffs topped with wind-skewed and tangled forest, that forced Marcell to make two diversions inland along valleys, rivers and streams with a mix of tall marsh grass, densely forested mountain slopes and vast waterlogged bogs. 

One won't find any trekking trails or routes although at times the tracks of guanacos, wild horses and cows were used. These tracks required a lot of caution as there is a constant risk of them leading to the crumbling edge of a high cliff. 

Currently Marcell is planning and training for a trans-Patagonian expedition that over 8,000km will attempt to traverse both Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia on foot and with packraft (a lightweight inflatable expedition kayak). Companies and individuals interested in sponsoring the expedition are welcome to contact Marcell. To date no sponsorship has been procured yet. 

About Marcell Claassen:

Born in Klerksdorp in the North West Province on 26 September 1967, the 51 year old Marcell is a safari (in Africa) and trekking guide, divemaster and adventure tourism consultant. As adventurer and explorer through his work, also his passion, he's been travelling continuously for 18 years now, the last 5 years in South America. 
In 2011, Marcell also completed a solo expedition through West Africa by overland truck from Harare, Zimbabwe to Bamako, Mali, a journey of 12,800km over two months. 
His e-book of the expedition is available at Travelogue of a Solo Journey Through West Africa

Marcell Claassen is also available for interviews and can be contacted by e-mail, mobile phone and on Whatsapp. (Details above)

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Instagram: @marcellc67
Twitter: @marcellc67
Facebook Page: ExpedEvac Expeditions

Photos with captions

Day 51: 350km from Ushuaia on 21 February 2019: 

Heading to Estancia Policarpo from the 3 Amigos hut, Peninsula Mitre shared some of it's infamous unpredictable weather and gave me 2 hours of snow. The first hour visibility dropped to 50m max with wind-driven snow and I was trekking purely on compass heading. 
The closest forest resembling any kind of shelter was at least a kilometre away; walking was keeping me warm across the open turba (bog/marsh), so the only option was to continue. ...an hour after this, there was 30min of sun followed again for the 4th time in the day, wind-driven hail in the face and still no shelter nearby. **17:00 I arrived at Estancia Policarpo, 17km trek for the day and striking up a good fire in the wood stove.

Day 28: 213km from Ushuaia at the Bagualero River. Electric storms kept me pinned down here for 3 days. 

Day 12: 120km from Ushuaia. View through the forest on a notorious descent known as "Horse Killer".


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