Trip Planning

ExpedEvac is a one-stop planning resource for travellers and expeditions worldwide. 
We assist and facilitate your planning, preparations and very importantly, provide bespoke information relating to the safety and medical requirements for the person(s) on the trip - all in consultation with yourself.

Through discussions we will advise the best suitable emergency, evacuation, medical backup systems and/or equipment for your trip and/or group.

Furthermore, depending on your needs, planned and alternative routes can be refined, thus providing you with arms full of information for your trip.

Pre-trip Planning

All potential trips or expeditions start with and go through a planning phase. Several aspects have to be considered whether one is just embarking on just a "basic" 3-week backpack or a 6-month expedition; the main differences between these two examples are how in-depth and long (and possibly even expensive) the planning process is.

The key points that make up the pre-trip planning framework should include the following points;
(each discussed in detail with the client during consultation)
  1. Risk Assessment - including points like climate/weather, geographical area, altitude and cultural issues etc.
  2. Route - country profile, emergency procedures, mapping and airports/borders etc.
  3. Documents - personal, vehicle and medical documents required by authorities, medical personnel etc.
  4. Communications - mobile phone(s) and/or satellite phones, back-up lines of communication.
  5. Medical - medication, 1st aid kit and required vaccinations.
  6. Vehicle - or mode of transport

Documents (links on the blog)
  1. Personal documents (Part 1) 
  2. Personal documents (Part 2)
  3. International driver's licence (Permiso por favor?)
Medical (links on the blog)
  1. Vaccinations (Sharp End of a Needle)
  2. High Altitude Trekking Quick Guide Series of eBooks (Free eBook)
Equipment (links on the blog)
  1. Rain-covers (Improvised Flysheet/rain-cover for camping)
  2. Clothing & Gear (high altitude trekking) Quick Guide Series of eBooks (Free eBook)
  3. Equipment review for the Peninsula Mitre trek (Gearing up for extreme trekking)
Foodstuffs (links on the blog)
  1. Peninsula Mitre expedition (Foodstuffs and Provisions in Peninsula Mitre)
Camping (links on the blog)
  1. Choosing a campsite (How to choose a good site to camp)
  2. Elegiendo lugar para acampar (Como escoger un buen lugar para acampar )


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