2019 Winter Exploration

Winter exploration of Chilean Tierra del Fuego 2019

Includes San Sebastian and Lago Escondido in Argentinian Tierra del Fuego

Blog Posts

Some of the marvels I encountered in Chilean Tierra del Fuego.
Hidden Marvels of Tierra del Fuego

The ghost town of Puerto Percy.
Fuelling a Ghost Town: Puerto Percy


Links to photo albums of all the different sections coming soon.


Winter Exploration of Tierra del Fuego 2019

A comprehensive account of an exploration of Chilean Tierra del Fuego during the July to September 2019 winter season. Starting and ending in Argentinian Tierra del Fuego, Marcell explored the area from Bahía Inútil to the northern and northeastern coasts. 
The book includes information on the equipment and foodstuffs he took, planned and actual routes with itinerary of the expedition. In addition, he notes birds and animals encountered in both countries followed by a photographic account of the places visited and explored.

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The Winter Birds of northern Chilean Tierra del Fuego

eBook with Birdlists of the various areas visited - sorted by location with their Chilean spanish names as well as scientific names. (English and Spanish versions available for download)

Winter birds 2019 (english) The birds of northern Chilean Tierra del Fuego I encountered during the months of July to September 2019 during my winter exploration. Birds listed by place and/or area with gps coordinates. Compiled in collaboration with Enrique Rebolledo of Primavera Tourism in Cerro Sombrero.

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Aves del Invierno 2019 (español) Los aves del norte de Tierra del Fuego Chileno que encontré durante mi exploración de la isla en los meses de julio hasta septiembre. Colaboré con Enrique Rebolledo de la Comuna de Primavera en Cerro Sombrero sobre los nombres Chilenos y los distribuciones de los aves listados. Las listas están por lugar juntos con sus coordinados de gps.

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