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Summit Nevado Mateo, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Trekking, or hiking as some would call it, is becoming more and more popular as an outdoors activity - whether it's a couple of hours near home or further away when travelling. Obviously there are a huge variety of levels of trekking ranging from the easy, an hour or two level walk, to the more challenging multi-day treks at higher altitudes in the mountains.

Trekking Resource

This trekking resource is a collection of photos and descriptions of treks I've personally done during my time travelling in South America. From southern Colombia in the Nariño province, walking the southern coast of Ecuador, central PERU in the imposing mountains of the Cordillera Blanca and south through the northern parts of CHILE, Tierra del Fuego and the "End of the World" at the southern tip of the continent in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, ARGENTINA.
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In addition to this, I'm also referring you to other accounts of trekking where I may not have trekked yet and/or there's more information about trekking routes and options. This is not a static resource either, but can become even more comprehensive as I do more treks and other people share their experiences with me.
If you would like me to add any treks and/or resources about specific areas, EMAIL ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS AND INFO. I will credit all contributions and links.


Over time I've also written quite a lot about planning expeditions, which also include the required equipment for treks ranging from the easier 1-day treks to the more challenging multi-day treks. In this, I will have a section here for planning and some checklists for recommended equipment and supplies etc.

Blogs and eBooks

Some of these treks and the planning information, I've written about and published as eBooks and/or as blogposts here on my website.

Photos and Videos

As for videos, in some cases I also have videos on my YouTube channel which I'll also share here. Please feel free to also subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with new videos I make.


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