Winter Exploration 2019 ebook Marcell Claassen
Winter Exploration 2019 (Tierra del Fuego)

A comprehensive account of an exploration of Chilean Tierra del Fuego during the July to September 2019 winter season. Starting and ending in Argentinian Tierra del Fuego, Marcell explored the area from Bahía Inútil to the northern and northeastern coasts. 
The book includes information on the equipment and foodstuffs he took, planned and actual routes with itinerary of the expedition. In addition, he notes birds and animals encountered in both countries followed by a photographic account of the places visited and explored.

The Winter Birds of northern Chilean Tierra del Fuego eBook with Birdlists of the various areas visited - sorted by location with their Chilean spanish names as well as scientific names. (English and Spanish versions available)

Winter birds 2019 (english)

The birds of northern Chilean Tierra del Fuego I encountered during the months of July to September 2019 during my winter exploration. Birds listed by place and/or area with gps coordinates. Compiled in collaboration with Enrique Rebolledo of Primavera Tourism in Cerro Sombrero.

Aves del Invierno 2019 (español)

Los aves del norte de Tierra del Fuego Chileno que encontré durante mi exploración de la isla en los meses de julio hasta septiembre. Colaboré con Enrique Rebolledo de la Comuna de Primavera en Cerro Sombrero sobre los nombres Chilenos y los distribuciones de los aves listados. Las listas están por lugar juntos con sus coordinados de gps.

Destination Guides (click to see more)

Lately working on destination guides as well, here's the first one via the Buggl platform. It's about the town of Cerro Sombrero in the north of Chilean Tierra del Fuego.

This guide can be downloaded FREE in pdf format HERE

ebook Trekking the Valdivieso mountains in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Trekking in the Valdivieso mountains - the Pass of 5 Lakes.

 Tierra del Fuego on the Argentinian side offers a host of wilderness trekking opportunities. 
One of these goes through the Valdivieso mountains offering views of many lakes including the Lago Fagnano north of the range. 

This trekking diary describes the 60km route taken over 5 days vía Laguna Azul and Beban Pass.

FREE Quick Guide to High Altitude Trekking Quick reference to acclimatisation, risks of altitude sickness and guideline to required clothing and gear. 
**Note: this guide is only free on here as a gift and on the ExpedEvac Facebook page when you  subscribe to the e-mail list.

High altitude trekking/hiking is growing in popularity as people search out the mountains and the adventure they offer. For many it will be the first time that they will be ascending to altitudes over 2,500m above sea level.  This comes with inherent health risks of being at high altitudes, increasing the more we ascend. Go here to DOWNLOAD now!

Other ebooks in the Quick Guide Series (<= click for other titles)
- Eligiendo lugar para Acampar (Spanish eBook - en Español)
- Choosing a Camp Site
- Responsible Wildlife Experience

Expeditions-Explorations eBooks (click here to see more)

Diary/travelogue of a solo trip I did from Harare, Zimbabwe to Bamako in Mali through West Africa. The overland truck I was driving only had diff-lock but not have any 4x4. Sections detailing the routes, gps reference points and resources have been included whilst every chapter starts with a map showing the route and distance that chapter covers.
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