Trekking Arica and Parinacota Region


The trekking in Parinacota, located in the Parque Nacional de Lauca, is all at high altitude. It's therefor recommended to take time to acclimatise to the altitude (4,420m at the village of Parinacota) and be careful of rapid ascents from the city of Arica which is at sea level - the distance is only 150km by road. Spending 2-3 days in Putre on the way will help considerably in the acclimatisation process as it's at about 3,500m altitude already. 
Hydrate well and constantly and always take sufficient water with on the treks - remember this is part of the Aticama Desert and water is not always available and although there are a few lakes and bogs around Parinacota, there are no other water sources.

The altiplano is an area rich in natural beauty as well as in local culture and traditions of the Aymara people. Taking some out between walks, it's immensely rewarding learning about the local culture and trying out the local food.


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