Laguna Churup

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Trek Summary

Difficulty:   Medium to difficult (includes rock scramble with fixed rope)
Distance (a):   2.9 km (1-way) from Pitec to Laguna Churup
Distance (b):   4.2 km (1-way) from Llupa to Pitec
Duraion:    5 - 6 hours (return)
Elevations:  *Llupa - 3,506m *Pitec - 3,850m *Laguna  Churup - 4,450m
*Churupita (lake) 4,550m
NOTE: acclimatisation required


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Photos & Videos

Video:  Looking for Adventure? Marcell Claassen (YouTube)


Trail start:
Llupa:  9°30'58.5"S  77°28'38.0"W    OR    -9.516250, -77.477222
Pitec:  9°30'20.4"S  77°26'32.6"W    OR    -9.505667, -77.442500
Trekking route as recorded by Marcell Claassen (Screen grab from


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