Expedition Logistics


Expedition Logistics & Travel Planning


Marcell has over 20 years travel and hospitality experience through more than 50 countries. During the preliminary consultation we will discuss your requirements, expectations and objectives and so doing, draw up a bespoke planning schedule with defined goals. All travel advice will always include any security advice and contingency planning that's relevant to your itinerary.

Expedition Logistics & Operations

  • Plan expedition route and all related accommodation and transport requirements.
  • Risk analysis for each stage of the route, ensuring that safety is the top concern and a contingency plan is in place.
  • Coordination of expedition and documentary requirements between sponsors, marketing teams and film production companies.
  • Source and negotiate new sponsors for the expedition
  • Coordinating production teams and equipment if the expedition is being filmed. 
    • of the documentary.
  • Planning expedition launch event as key liaison with event venue and service providers and sponsors.
  • Remote or in-expedition support and backup.

Travel Planning

  • Pre-trip planning, reservations, confirmations and remote support - any destination.

Pre-trip planning, reservations, confirmations & liaison in South America.

  • Especially for non-Spanish speaking individuals, groups and agencies outside of South America, but offer the same on the continent.

Translator (Spanish to/from Spanish) for individuals and groups.

  • English speaking guides are sometimes not easy to find in South America, so I will accompany the clients and guide as translator and/or facilitator and fixer.

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Expedition Logistics, Travel Planning And Tourism Product Development

Discover a comprehensive suite of services anchored in the tourism and hospitality sector. My offerings span travel planning, expedition logistics and support, tourism and hospitality product development, and strategic product and destination marketing.