Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Where to find colourful fun.

Carnival dancers (Huaraz, Peru)
PERU (Feb 2016): February is the time for very many
processions and festivals in Huaraz (Ancash Region).
Where can you go to have fun and at the same time enjoy spectacular colourful parties? Carnivals and festivals is what you have to look for, and luckily in South America it's not in short supply. The clothing is stunningly colourful, dancers and musicians will have you tapping your feet in anticipation of a dance - plus you can get super colourful photos to add to your travel memories.

Here I've just added example of festivals from each from Colombia, Chile and Peru to try and illustrate how much colour will surround you at these festivities.

Colombia - Pasto in Nariño Region: This is one of the very famous carnivals in the world "Carnaval de los Negros y Blancos" - massive and incredibly realistic floats, hundreds of dancers and musicians and the constant clouds of talcum powder, foam and painted faces.

Carnaval de los Negros y Blancos in Chachagui (Nariño, Colombia)
COLOMBIA (Jan 2016): One group in a procession during the "Carnaval de los Negros y Blancos" in a nearby (to Pasto) village called Chachagüí.
In addition to the large carnivals, there are usually the festivals celebrating the patron saints - "Fiestas Patronales". For each village/city, these would normally be the largest party of the year. In some regions you can literally travel for months from one festival to the next without having a day without a festival.

Processions for Machaq Mara (Putre, Chile)
CHILE (June2016): dancer at the Machaq Mara
celebrations - Aymara New Year.
Chile - Putre in the Arica & Parinacota Region: In the north of Chile is the region of Arica & Parinacota which stretches from the coast in the west, bordering Peru in the north and Bolivia in the east. Mostly consisting of altiplano high-altitude desert, it also includes some stunning snow-peaked volcanoes. The people here are predominantly Aymara and during June they celebrate Machaq Mara, the Aymara New Year. In addition to starting the day off with sunrise watched from a high peak, the traditional dancers and processions are super colourful - the people are so friendly...just an incredible time (as any other time) to be with these people in this area.

Peru - Huaraz in Ancash Region: Located between the amazing Cordillera Blanca and its snow-capped mountains on the one side and the dark mountains of the Cordillera Negra on the other side, there aren't many festival locations as scenic as this. February see an array of festivals celebrating various patrons related to produce etc. Processions pass through the street almost on a daily basis with their lovely dancers and lively music.

February festivals in Huaraz, Peru
PERU (Feb 2016): the array of colours that will leave you speechless -
these dancers are just constantly moving and dancing to the bands accompanying them.
Feel free to drop me a line for more info on these festivals; there are absolutely heaps of festivals and carnivals all the time.



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