Not so Innocent!

On 28 December, you'll encounter the celebrations of Dia de Los Santos Inocentes in Tulcán in the Carchi region of northern Ecuador. Based on a religious theme, this day has become a day of pranks and jokes - good and bad; not unlike an April Fool's day. I was in Tulcán for the celebrations this year (2015) and went along with my camera to see what would happen although a bit cautious too as I was aware that water and foam etc. might be involved in the celebrations.

Water was sprayed twice, by the fire-fighters from their truck in the procession that was parading around the city. It was only a bit of water and the camera stayed dry and a policeman seemed to take more of it where he was between me and the water spray. ...Thanks mate! Much appreciated!

Anyway, it was a two to two-and-a-half hours at the Parque Principal where the parade passed and every organisation, institution and nearby villages had a chance to participate. The costumes were a bit like a Halloween party at times but then at other times just simply funny and I bet controversial if viewed by some more political-correct 1st world countries - I'll refrain from mentioning their names! There was also some really good dancing and a variety at that with dancers ranging from very young to dancers 50+. Suffice to say that it was good fun and the parade was later followed by music on the stage which continued to about midnight I think - I didn't stay around for that, it was getting rather cold.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos from the procession (just a very small selection from the day).


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