Quick Guide: photo locations around Chimbote (Peru)

Photography locations in Peru 

...seldom include Chimbote and the areas around it; More often than not, it's remembered it as a terminal where they changed buses or like most, or just as that place that smelt of fish when they passed. The coastline of the Ancash Region is renowned for its Ceviche, a traditional and refreshing fish dish, and as I discovered - some amazing sunsets! Finding photography locations in the evening can at times be challenging but if you’re around for a couple of days, Chimbote and Nuevo Chimbote have quite a few on offer - if you’re not around for a couple of days, make a plan and stop over!

Hotel Gran Chimu, Chimbote
Historical "Gran Chimu" hotel in Chimbote

This post is a brief introduction to locations in Chimbote and the nearby district of Nuevo Chimbote, (a rapidly growing town/city in its own right) that have been very rewarding photography-wise. I include the parts of the coastline that I’ve visited so far - spots which are also great just for relaxing with that refreshing cocktail or somebody for some romantic moments. Enjoy the tour.

Sunset over the Plaza Miguel Grau, Chimbote
Photo in NW direction across the Plaza Miguel Grau

The coastal walk or malecón of Chimbote is a good place to start looking for photo opportunities. Along here you have the Plaza Miguel Grau (Plaza de 28 de Julio)with the photogenic Gran Chimu Hotel, the now well-known arch and the city lights around it. 

Malecon de Miguel Grau, Chimbote
Along the malecón with the Isla Blanca in the background

Further toward the harbour, there's the view of the Isla Blanca (White Island) and the fishing boats - also the direction for sunset photos from the plaza. Try getting here at different times in the morning and afternoons for some photos - midday will more than often than not be rather unfriendly lighting for those memorable photos.

Sunset from the Miguel Grau malecon, Chimbote

The Plaza de Armas in Chimbote can be rewarding although it also depends if there are any displays or exhibits at the time. During Christmas, there's always the brightly lit-up christmas decorations and as in my photo above, buildings as well. 

Going a little south, we get to Nuevo Chimbote which, between Chimbotanos as well, is renowned for the stunning Cathedral at the Plaza Mayor. During Christmas time, the Plaza Mayor is even more spectacular and lit up with the heron fountain as its central feature.

There are a amazing variety of beaches just in the Nuevo Chimbote district, and trust me, there's way more north and south of this district as well. I've been at two so far and here are some examples from the beaches of La Poza and Vesique.

 In addition to the main beach of Vesique with its restaurants etc, there are at least 3 more beaches with potential for fantastic photography. Around them are also hills and rocky outcrops that are worth climbing (as in the photo below) for better panoramic shots.

Then La Poza, it's a lesser known little bay around from the Bay of Samanco where there are more beaches, some more popular with visitors than others. Obviously, each have their own potential magic spots for that special photo. The best is, as I leave you with this photo from La Poza, go out and explore these places.


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