Enticement in Colombia

Many years ago when I was still a young boy, mention of Colombia conjured up images of jungles, forests and mountains for me. The chances of it not being very safe obviously played to my adventurous cravings as a teenager who was already involved in a fair amount of adventure. In my dreams I would stare at the canopy of the forest, sky-high above me, listening to the birds and animals far from civilisation. The media was also appealing to the adventurous side of me even as later Colombia became even more known (through the media) as the land of drug barons and their wars.

Starting my travels and work in the tourism industry, I was to encounter and meet many Colombians, all seemingly more friendly and pleasant than the ones I met before. Once again my dreams of Colombia were being strengthened plus word was out it was going to be the happening country for everything ranging from its natural wonders to adventure activities.

Village of Chachagüí

Landing in South America in 2014, my eyes were always looking north and wondering when (and if) I’ll be getting to Colombia. January 2015, saw me entering Colombia at Rumichaca in the south from Ecuador. The people were as friendly and pleasant, and more, as the Colombians I’d met abroad. In fact, people I was chatting to on the bus from Quito ended up being Colombian! The landscapes of mountains, canyons and forests were just simply breathtaking. Even now I find myself at a loss of words many times when confronted by yet another panorama - and that’s a few times a week!

Las Lajas

Through the first week of incredible sights like the Las Lajas cathedral constructed over a canyon near Ipiales and countless churches, temples and cathedrals in Pasto, I started moving north and stopped in Chachagüí about 25km north of Pasto.

Squirrel: The forests around Chachagüí harbour
a host of wildlife species

The first morning at Hostel Kundur dawned and I was surrounded by the song of birds I had yet to learn the names of, scenery that would leave the most hardened cynic searching for words and most of all, friendly and hospitable people. 

This dawn was also the dawn (again) of the realisation that I’m smack-bang in the middle of a childhood dream and living it! Chachagüí and Nariño Department (province) doesn’t have much tourists as foreign advice from North American and European governments stated that it was dangerous - I could feel the danger! The danger of not being able to leave!

Follow me as I explore this amazing region through photos. 


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