Butterflies & other Insects of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (Uganda)

Of course one cannot ignore the host of other wildlife around whilst birding, especially the more prominent little "critters" like butterflies and dragonflies. During our birding in Buhoma, I managed to get a host of photographs of these "critters", some of which I've been able to add ID's too and others where experts have kindly contributed their knowledge with the ID's. I'll also post some of the photos where I've not confirmed an ID, so feel free to comment and/or e-mail with an ID.

To view the rest of the butterflies, visit my Flickr "Butterflies of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest" album.

First a dragonfly and a damselfly with ID's provided by "XKD" on my Flickr account;

(possibly) Orthetrum julia

Umma saphirina

A fairly commonly seen butterfly is the Blue Salamis Salamis temora but certainly not a boring butterfly to look at as a bit of sunshine brings out a lovely spectrum of iridescent blues.

The Dark Pansy Junonia stygia is another regularly seen species which highlights the intricacy of the patterns and designs on butterflies.

A stunning member of the Acraea genus is the Acraea peneleos with its transparent forewings often glinting in the sun like here.

Another Acraea posed beautifully on the shell of a Giant Land Snail - the Acraea uvui

This small deep blue butterfly with its elongated "tails" I think is one of the "Hairstreaks" of the Lycaenidae family.

A possible member of the Junonia/Precis genus also never failing to catch one's eye as it's usually the larger of the butterflies in a 'gathering'.


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