NW Tanzania - Bukoba via Biharamulo to Rwanda

The morning of the 31st it was time to head off again; my friends to Rubondo Island before going to Rwanda, and me off to Rwanda. Once again back into uncharted territory for me, I set off along the road along the western side of Lake Victoria which eventually splits to the Rwanda road and the road to Mwanza on the southern shores of Lake Victoria. It was a scenic exit from Bukoba town with a variety of breathtaking views.

The road soon reverted to bush road again as I approached Biharamulo Game Reserve and the thought of a potential very long driving day ahead I tried not to stop to often.

Not too dissimilar from the road I'd taken north at the start of my trip through Kamisi Game Reserve.

The few sightings were good though with a couple of Common Kestrel dive-bombing an Augur Buzzard. Other sightings to add to the trip list included Black-winged Red Bishop, White-crowned Helmet-shrikes and a Lizard Buzzard (photo below).

Around 4pm (Tz time) I crossed the Akagera River again back into Rwanda, my heart heavy about leaving such an amazing area of Tanzania, yet simultaneously excited because I knew I would be working on the planning for my next trip here in the next couple of months.

169 species of birds for my Tz trip list including 1 new one for the country and a new reptile species for the country, so hardly a trip not productive as I also got at least 16 lifers out the trip as well!


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