In Planning

Trans-Patagonia - packrafting (solo TBC)
A packrafting expedition planned to circumnavigate the geographic Patagonia in South America - thus through Chile and Argentina.

Packrafting entails trekking and kayaking with a lightweight inflatable kayak. These kayaks have been developed to be used in conjunction with trekking or cycling etc. and are thus tough and  lightweight to minimise the weight being carried when not kayaking.

The Route is being fine-tuned and researched (and explored in parts) and the total distance at this stage totaling 8,020km (about 5,013 miles). A map of the route will be posted soon with more details.

The next phase is completing proposals and planning details for the relevant Chilean and Argentinian authorities followed by contact with potential projects and organisations to be supported by the expedition.
Updated 21 November 2017

2019 Winter Exploration (Expedition Page)

2019 Winter exploration of Chilean Tierra del Fuego finishing with a trek along Lago Escondido in Argentinian Tierra del Fuego

Starting and ending in Argentinian Tierra del Fuego, I explored the northern part of Chilean Tierra del Fuego from Bahía Inútil to the northern and northeastern coasts.

Camping in Cerro Sombrero - Aug 2019
(Turismo Primavera)

Past Expeditions

PENINSULA MITRE (Expedition Page)
Tierra del Fuego - Argentina
2 January to 3 March, 2019

On 3 March 2019, Marcell Claassen completed a 460km, 60-day trek on foot from Ushuaia along the southern, eastern and north-western coast of Tierra del Fuego of which at least 300km is part of Peninsula Mitre, one of the most isolated and inhospitable areas of Argentina.
With a backpack weighing on average 35kg, Marcell trekked the rugged and treacherous coastline that has been responsible for very many shipwrecks through the history of exploration and sailing in the South Atlantic. It's part of this coastline and its harsh weather, imposing sheer cliffs topped with wind-skewed and tangled forest, that forced him to make two diversions inland along valleys, rivers and streams with a mix of tall marsh grass, densely forested mountain slopes and vast waterlogged bogs.

Zimbabwe to Mali - Solo with overland truck

Starting from Harare in Zimbabwe, the 8-ton overland truck had to be driven to Bamako, the capital of Mali. The journey was epic and other than locals that accompanied me for short sections, it was only me (I was the only person driving it though).

The route included Cameroon in the rainy season, driving through the heartlands of the extremist group in northern Nigeria and through Niger on the tail of a large convoy escaping the war in Libya.

I documented the whole trip with daily diary entries which eventually got put together in a book - the cover of which is the photo here on the left.

More highlights and information at the dedicated page (click on the title) about this epic trip across West Africa.


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