Destination Guides

I'll be working on putting together a series of destination guides on places I have visited and had the privilege of staying awhile. This will mostly focus on the little unknown things and local "secrets" of these places although referencing the main tourist attractions where possible.

Winter Birds 2019
The birds of northern Chilean Tierra del Fuego I encountered during the months of July to September 2019 during my winter exploration. Birds listed by place and/or area with gps coordinates. Compiled in collaboration with Enrique Rebolledo of Primavera Tourism in Cerro Sombrero.

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Aves de Invierno 2019
Los aves del norte de Tierra del Fuego Chileno que encontré durante mi exploración de la isla en los meses de julio hasta septiembre. Colaboré con Enrique Rebolledo de la Comuna de Primavera en Cerro Sombrero sobre los nombres Chilenos y los distribuciones de los aves listados. Las listas están por lugar juntos con sus coordinados de gps.

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#1 Remote pioneer history and ranches of Tierra del Fuego via Cerro Sombrero
Cerro Sombrero is the 'capital' of the Comuna of Primavera which is the northern area of Chilean Tierra del Fuego. A very historic town, is more commonly known between travellers as just a quick stop-over...there's a bit more to know about it. (FREE download)


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