Tourism Development


Tourism Development & Marketing


This includes both areas where tourism is already established or regions/destinations where the potential of tourism has to be built up from the ground. Additionally, this can also be applied to new tourism products in an established tourism destination.

Project Approach

The work included, but not limited to, is as follows;
  • Exploration of target area and preliminary feasibility study.
  • Planning and development of concepts for community involvement in activities. 
    • Presentation of proposals to all potential stakeholders.
  • Planning and design of tourism products.
    • Training for guides and stakeholders.
    • Product specific marketing strategy.
  • Leading groups with local guides in support of their capacity building.
  • Liaison and planning with tour and travel operators locally and abroad in respect of future commitments as clients. 
  • Developing short-, medium- and long-term marketing strategies.

Additional Related Services

  • Advising on improvement and redesign of interiors and facilities for hospitality establishments.
  • Research and compilation of new itineraries based on client requirements i.e. budgets, routes and locations.
  • Event management.

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Expedition Logistics, Travel Planning And Tourism Product Development

A diverse portfolio of services with the tourism and hospitality industry as basis, include travel planning, expedition logistics and support, tourism and hospitality product development, and product/destination marketing.