Aerial Views Without Flying

Ever seen those postcards with the grand panoramas of a city and thought "Wow, I want to get at least one photo like that!"? I'm sure you have as have many other people - problem is that some people will unfortunately never to get to see those views for themselves. Fear of heights and vertigo can be terrible, especially if you're travelling.

One of the views from the viewing area at the top of the one tower

Personally (and happily so) I don't have a crippling fear of heights or ascending buildings or whatever to get that photo off the edge; but I have huge sympathy for people who's fear is that crippling that they just simply can't get up/out there. Similarly, huge respect and hats off to the ones who face their fears, grit their teeth and with only glimpses through narrowed eyes, take those much sought after photos.

Basilica del Voto Nacional, Quito (Ecuador)

The Basilica del Voto Nacional in Quito is one example where the views are grandiose to say the least but it requires ascending on almost vertical stairs around the outside of the tower - something referred to more commonly in climbing/scrambling circles exposure.

The stairs to and from the tower.

This takes a bit more extra nerves for some, even those who thought they didn't have a fear of heights. The final section is even steeper and obviously, inadvertently, everybody looks down through the stairs to ground way way below!

The view more directly down from the tower.

This post is more of a photo post but also respect to those who face their fears and to those who just can't do it, I have understanding - and if we ever meet and you need somebody to take those edge/height photos for you, I'll be happy to oblige.

View from the tower of the two clock towers


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