Why Chachagüí? (southern Colombia)

Chachagüí is a village about 25km north of Pasto, the capital of the department of Nariño in southern Colombia. At the edge of the village is also Antonio Nariño Airport so you could force yourself to even fly in if didn’t like road journeys. 

The Galeras volcano at Pasto, the Rio Pasto (Pasto River) and Rio Juanambú (Juanambú River) all have been part in the creation of jaw-dropping deep and long canyons, waterfalls and forest-covered mountains and hills - but of course that would hurt your eyes having to look at all of that and you’d not be able to tell other people other than show them photos, because you’ll be speechless!

Here’s some more reasons you’ll want to avoid this little village of Chachagüí:

1. You’ll want to fly high over the valleys and hills and enjoy the spectacular views from the air - again and again!

Preparing for a tandem flight from Cundur near Chachagüí

2. You’ll just have to take a walk on one of the trails in forest that harbours a host of animals, birds and butterflies - once again, being confronted with those landscapes that leave you grasping for your camera.

3. Just when you think you’ve escaped it all, there’s a steaming world-class coffee - grown in the hills around you, waiting in front of you.

4. What if you enjoy cycling?! There’ll be a mountain bike right there beckoning you onto the trails and backroads around the mountains and smaller villages (pueblitos). Oh damn, there’s those landscapes again too. 

5. If you still haven’t escaped by now, you’re stuffed! The friendliness and hospitality of the people will have won you over and you’d have realised you cannot and don’t want to leave!!

You will find yourself feeling right at home from the moment you arrive!!


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