A Mouthful of Decadence (Restaurant review)

Being a bit of a foodie, I just can’t resist raving about a good snack, meal and the establishments that provide me with these almost indecent palate orgies. Come on, is there really much that beats sitting back with a bite you’ve just taken and delighting in the flirting, touching and teasing over your taste buds!?! Finding an owner-run restaurant here which offers something off the beaten track from ‘standard’ menus can in the least be described as refreshing.

(Thing is, this town has a lot of restaurants and take-aways which is also a bit dominated by a variety of franchises ranging from family restaurants to some well known American fast foods.)

This is what I gave a little time for today at Decadent, a coffee shop and restaurant in Potchefstroom, a university town (officially a city apparently) in the North West Province, South Africa. I’ve been driving and walking past this place numerous times over the last couple of months as it’s close to where I’ve been living at the moment. Asking anyone about it, the response is invariably that it’s very good but that’s the sum of the descriptions I get - maybe some people are just not as passionate as I am about good food?

My light meal was the “Deep fried Cape Malay bobotie spring rolls with a our decadent red onion marmalade” ZAR38 (c.$3.60) The pastry is lighter than than many spring rolls I’ve encountered, almost similar to what you’d get in Thailand (from my experience anyway). The tasty spicy mince that makes up the bobotie has your taste buds pleading for more. Add to that the red the onion marmalade...this is where I get lost for words!! Just simply salivatingly gorgeous!

Seductively delicious cheesecake

It was my lucky day as they had their own baked cheese cake available. This enormous slice of indulgence clocks in at a mere ZAR27 (c.$2.60). The smooth cheese just caresses your mouth with a full taste and a tiny hint of tart. Need I say more - I think in this case my lack of adjectives may be carried out by the photo. (thanks to Dorette, the waitress, for recommending this!)


As an annex to a large plants nursery, Garden Pavilion, it’s set in a garden with most of the seating outside with some tables almost hidden away in little plant nooks. In summer rains this can be a bit of a problem but they do have tables indoors and another covered area in the garden. On a warm winters day like today, you can either sit in the shade or get a winters’ “tan” at a table in the sun. In case you’re in the area and the kids are with you, bring them with as Decadent has an area where the kids can play (obviously under adult supervision).
Feeling the need to do some work online while letting your taste buds play? They have free wifi available to their patrons as well.



The menu has been compiled to suit a variety of tastes ranging from breakfast through to main meals and including light meals and snacks if you’re there to settle down with a book (certain snacks specifically recommended for this - ingenious!) 

The one meal that caught my eye was “Meal from a Hat”. You draw a main course from a hat and will only know what you got when it arrives at your table. The menu also says “for the adventurous” and I totally agree, what a great way to pick a meal when you can’t decide between the variety of mouth-watering dishes. The price will be an average of the main courses, so sometimes you’ll get a down-right bargain and sometimes pay a bit more. (these average around US$5-6.50/dish)


Some great coffee for the connoisseurs with Vossie the owner doing some roasting on-site. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do some coffee tastings but hey, maybe in this week before I leave I’ll go and do that. Decadent is also fully licensed, so you can enjoy a variety of drinks.


Very, very reasonable! In fact, most of the prices below or at worst equal to similar items at inferior establishments in town. When you see and taste what’s on offer here, you’ll realise it’s a steal for the culinary delight you’re being treated to.

This review is totally independent and the restaurant was unaware that I would be reviewing them.


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