Sunday, 25 May 2014

Faces of Africa (Africa Day 25 May 2014)

Africa is probably the continent with the most nicknames but is a landmass revered by some, feared by others and dreamt about by many. Nowhere in Africa would you feel like you’re in another part of it, it’s that unique. In this diversity of its appearance, are the diversity of people that make up the Africans - people born and bred on this continent and call it home. A continent about which the question “Where are you from?” is often answered with “From Africa…” or “I am African.”

Yes, I am African (with a mother from Zambia and father from South Africa, as African as it gets!) as well and love this continent where, as per my own motto I accorded it “...the only thing that is consistent, is that nothing is consistent!” This post is a short celebration of this amazing continent.

With the advent of technology, mobile phones have found their way into the hands of powerful, rich right down to the subsistence farmer and fisherman.
Traditional meets technology
Fisherman on Lake Kivu in eastern Rwanda.
Hard manual works remains a very real part of most people's lives in Africa.
Young boy loading mud bricks onto a donkey cart
Segou, Mali
Water, like elsewhere, a precious and treasured resource and innovative ways are found to have it available as fit as possible for human consumption.
Girl in Dakar drinking purified water sold in little plastic bags.
Dakar, Senegal
 Of course, the wildlife is probably one of the aspects that Africa is most famous for!
Elephant browsing in Queen Elizabeth National Park, south-western Uganda
Gladly the traditions, including traditional dancing of many are being retained not only for tourism/visitors but also for future generations.
Traditional Rwandan Intore dancers in Kinigi, north-west Rwanda 
Africa does of course cater for the adventurous and the adrenaline junkies on (amongst many locations) the great Nile River in Uganda.
Dima Rainer working his way through a Grade 5 rapid at Bujagali Falls, Jinja, Uganda
(This rapid no longer exists due to the new controversial dam built at Jinja, downriver from the first dam. )
Wars and rumours of wars are sadly what some perceive as a "normal" part of Africa.
Tank from wars of the 60's,70's and early 80's at Cuanza Bridge, Angola
Many will warn you about the dangers of this Dark Continent but, bring your flashlight along - open your mind and embrace what Africa has offer. One warning from me though...BEWARE that Africa will get into your blood and not let you go!
Old sign at the now non-existing Bujagali Falls at Jinja, Uganda
When the day ends in Africa it is with such splendour that "African Sunset" has become a well-coined term with all travellers and Africans alike. Then quoting the National Anthem of South Africa (also a well-known song throughout Africa);

Nkosi sekele iAfrica
God bless Africa
Sunset over Lake Kivu at Gisenyi, Eastern Rwanda



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