Crossing Bridges and Missing Them

Everywhere we travel, whether close to home or further away and abroad, we're bound to encounter bridges of some description. Some are spectacular, others are just simply scary whilst others have just been added for aesthetic purposes. Then again, bridges may not be an option and we have to then rely on ferries across the watery expanse. This is a photo journey of some (too many to show all in one post - will have to do a series of this post) of these bridges and ferries I've encountered on my travels. (Keep in mind that in some countries it's forbidden to take photos of bridges so here and there are a few sneaky shots.)

World famous and sometimes mistakenly called "London Bridge"...
featured in a movie with the same name...

Tower Bridge, London, UK

Blackfriar's Bridge in London. UK

not only humans use bridges...and then some only for use by this strong enough for an overland vehicle?...yes, it was - for me anyway!

Bridge in DR Congo (Kimpese to Luozi)

joining the old and the present...bridges for other modes of transport...trains

Crossing the Congo River on the little local ferry from Luozi (DR Congo)

ferry across one of Africa's largest rivers - Congo River...then there's the small people ferries...and there's the flashy...another famous river - the Zambezi...

Two ferries operate here crossing between Botswana and Zambia (Kazangula Ferry)
the 'longer' bridges - walkways over wetlands in reserves...just a good vantage point sometimes...

Bridge across the Bosphoruos in Istanbul, Turkey.
And such are the bridges we cross in our lives, both permanent structures and personal hurdles - we will never know what is on the other side till we cross by bridge or ferry...step out of your comfort zone!


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