Beach Birding in Mozambique

Mozambique is an incredible country with a very long coastline which is also renowned for its beaches, marine fauna and scuba diving. Over the years it has also come to the fore on the birding front with many specials and endemics/near-endemics occurring. During my stay in Praia do Tofo so far, I haven't really had much birding time but when I do get the chance, I'm out with the camera and seeing what I can find.

I won't bore the reader with long lists of birds without any descriptions and/or photos, so I'll be posting some of the photos I've managed to capture over the last 2-3months (out of the 6 I've been here so far).
Wire-tailed Swallow

White-fronted Plover, Praia do Tofo
White-fronted Plover
Greater Frigatebird
Greater Frigatebird (record shot)


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