#followadream is a travel initiative that was conceived whilst planning my trip to South America in June 2014. This trip was the realisation of a childhood dream to visit and travel the South American continent; it also had me thinking how many people have dreams not yet realised and most of the time as we travel, never get to find out these things. Through my interviews with individuals along the way, I hope to not only inspire and motivate them but that others might be inspired by these dreams shared with readers. It also creates the opportunity for somebody reading the interviews to get involved and help somebody achieve that dream.


James Keo, Musician & songwriter "The Most Potent Type of Sorcery" Passionate about his music and travel, James is busy recording the first album with the band Keo And The Movement. "How about the ability to clone myself so I could make an album and go travelling the world all at one time..."

Dreams do Come True!!

2015 was a year where I visited a huge number of new places and, many more of my dreams were realised. In the 4 countries I travelled to during the year, Chile became my 48th - not much to some but to me, 48 countries with countless stories and experiences...in the year I turned 48! Want to know about some of the memorable moments? ...CLICK HERE


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