My work is my hobby and my hobby is my work!

Experienced special interest guide, trainer and manager in the hospitality industry, complimented by a divemaster qualification, previous experience in law enforcement, import and export compliance and forensic auditing.

Managing of logistics for expeditions and tour groups and guiding in inter alia less known areas and supporting local communities through tourism.

I believe in following your dreams! This may (probably will!) involve you getting out of your comfort zone - don't worry, that's what just makes it even better in the end...and of course realising your dreams. My solo expedition through West Africa in 2011 was one of those dreams realised. Check out my blog about some other dreams that I've realised over time.
The travel and work I do involve the things I'm passionate about i.e. photography, diving, mountains, exploring and then being able to share these amazing places with people both personally and through my photography.

My travels and work over the last 18 years have taken me through 50 countries so far, including 30 African countries. In Perú until early 2018, I was mainly a tourism consultant and trekking guide sharing some amazing places in the mountains with visitors. Since then I've headed down to explore Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia that I've promptly fallen in love with.

Trekking in the Cordillera Blanca - Parque Nacional de Huascarán (Ancash, Peru) Photo: by client
Now between Chile and Argentina exploring and researching the expedition route, and getting some more local knowledge and much needed training. About 4 years in South America, I can at least speak spanish now to the point I sometimes forget a bit of my english!

Trekking Peninsula Mitre in Argentinian Tierra del Fuego during Jan-Feb 2019