Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Follow a Dream

Breakfast local style (Kano, Nigeria)
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I'm really excited about this project and actually think it will become an ongoing theme through my future travels, after all my travels have all been me living and realising my dreams, virtually every day. Interviewing people will at times be challenging no doubt with mainly language being the main challenge but these are minor hurdles really. I think the main challenge might be to keep it as diverse as possible and getting people involved from a large cross-section of walks of life. 
This in itself will most likely also give one better insight to local cultures, traditions, values and most of all, how relative our dreams are to what we perceive are achievable in life. The great thing is that through publishing these interviews on blogs and with eBooks, it might actually open opportunities for the people interviewed. There are some who will read the interviews that feel they can help make a dream reality for somebody and I'll be there to put them in touch with each other. I get goose-bumps thinking of getting messages or mail from somebody telling me how their dream has been realised because of the interview - I couldn't ask a greater reward for my travels!
Hopefully I can eventually get some corporate/company sponsors involved which would make this an even greater and wider spread project. Working on a logo/brand for the project, sponsors could then get coverage and exposure for their involvement internationally.
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Excerpt from the project outline at Trevolta.com  (follow this link for the full project outline)
"This trip to South America is a childhood dream being realised, as many of my other travels to date has been. I have only purchased a 1-way ticket and will be finding volunteer opportunities and hopefully work as tour leader and/or photographer. Landing in Brazil, I will go onto to Peru 2 days later (the World Cup makes Brazil much more expensive at the moment) and from there start my continent exploration and travels.
In a small way, at least, I'd like to contribute to somebody else's dreams being realised. I will be interviewing a different person every day about their dream in life is, plus then get at least one photo of them and possibly some about their dream is about. In return, give them $10 as a start to following their dreams. In the event of a lack of funds, I will see give a bit less $-wise or else have a meal with them. As the interviews will be with a diverse range of people, the value of the contribution might be more in the interview and motivation than the actual financial. I want the $ I give to be a token of a start following the dream more than actually funding their dream.
These interviews will be published on my blog in addition to compiling a book of these interviews; even thinking of a series by country or by theme.
This is an ideal opportunity to motivate and contribute to somebody else's dream coming true. Through the interviews I will obviously take note of each persons details. Readers who feel they identify with the particular dream of a person interviewed can then follow up in whichever way with that person - I will introduce the person to interested party via the internet or phone and will not take any part of direct contributions made to such people."



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